Incremental programming is the process of writing code one step at a time and checking the output after each one. It’s common practice for data exploration workflows, and it goes a little something like this:

You’re using pandas to do some Python data analysis. The first thing you do with…

The Ethereum developer community uses the ERC20 and ERC721 token standards to create digital assets on the blockchain. These token standards define how users are able to transfer ownership of compliant digital assets. And because the standards are so widely adopted, we have witnessed the creation of powerful tools that…

(From Left to Right) Jitin Jain, Andrew Keys, Brian Steele, Griffin Anderson, Danny Aranda

“How many people here are working for or planning on starting their own Blockchain-focused company?”

When speaker Michael del Castillo of Coindesk posed that question at the inaugural Penn Blockchain Conference, more than half of the attendees’ hands shot up. This excitement in the Penn and Philadelphia communities stems from the wide array of applications for blockchain technology. Many of the most exciting ones were discussed during the “Disrupting Finance” panel of the Penn Blockchain Conference.

The panel members include:

  • Andrew Keys (Co-Founder of Consensys Capital)
  • Brian Steele (Managing Director at Goldman)
  • Griffin Anderson (Founder of Balanc3@ConsenSys)
  • Danny Aranda (Managing Director at Ripple)
  • Jitin Jain (Wharton MBA ’18) (moderator)

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Aaron Diamond-Reivich

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